Automated time and attendance clocking software

With Microkeeper, you can accurately capture timesheet data of casuals, contractors and employees. Simply and seamlessly captured in real time. Any time. Anywhere. Whether they're remote, at the office, or on the road.

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Time and Attendance tracking

Hardware accessories

  • Facial Recognition

    Tracking time and attendance with facial recognition allows staff to clock their attendance as soon as they rock up in front of an iPad, without even touching a button. 

  • NFC Scanner

    Whenever biometric time clocking is not an option for time and attendance tracking, NFC readers offer similar benefits.

    An ideal fit to generate timesheets for mechanics, cleaners, agriculturalists or construction trades and large enterprises.

  • Fingerprint Scanner

    Our web based web based fingerprint time attendance system is a secure, biometric time clocking option that integrates directly into payroll. No more forgotten cards, logins or passwords.

  • Clocking Station

    Clocking Station 5 is Microkeeper's newest flagship dedicated clock-in terminal, generating accurate timesheet data.

  • Browser

    Users log in to the employee console on their web browser, clock on and our system starts building timesheets in real-time.

    Cost-effective. Simple.

  • Time Clocking App

    Microkeeper's dedicated time tracking app will streamline how you capture time and attendance data. It builds timesheets straight from your fingertips on any mobile device. Fast and easy.